Thursday, 19 November 2009

UFO TV News Report:
UFO Orb in Wenzhou, China, Creates Damage (OTV) 

A UFO orb hovered near a glass railing before the railing was crushed (unknown date, at daytime), according to this news report.

A surveillance camera captured the incident:

UFO TV News Report: 
“White Pine Lights”, 19 November 2009 
(KOLO 8 News Now, Reno, Nevada)

During a road trip Shawn and Heather Morrison along with their son sighted 2 UFOs 60 miles north of Ely, Nevada on 2 October 2009. Heather Morrison managed to film the UFOs.

Shawn Morrison says that the UFOs were large, bright orange and oval shaped.

Several other persons have also recently sighted UFOs in the same area, according to this TV news report:

Shawn Morrison, UFO witness

Near Ely, Nevada
( photo)