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UFO Article:
“A description of the book
for specialists in . . . Ufology”

(The Trickster and the Paranormal (website), U.S.A.)

Quote from the article:
“UFOs are physically real. But they are embedded in a matrix of deception and irrationality. This book explains how and why. Cases are presented along with theories from anthropology.”

George P. Hansen’s book, The Trickster and the Paranormal, was published by Xlibris Corporation (Bloomington, Indiana) on 
20 August 2001.

(George P. Hansen/ image)

UFO TV Series Report:
“Encounters”: UFO video footage

June 1995
(Fox Broadcasting Company, New York City, New York)

Source: Paranormal Videos You may have Missed (YouTube channel)

Video text:
“Host: John Marshall. Featuring: Jim Dilettoso, Ellen Crystall, Art Hufford, Bruce Morrison.”

At 4:36 you will see Channel 3 videographer John Shortt’s stupendous UFO video.

Bruce Cornet, U.S. Geologist
(Fox Broadcasting Company/ image)

UFO Audio Resources:
“Index of /audio”


Edwards (parts 1-10) is the 7 October 1965 Edwards Air Force Base, California, UFO incident.

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UFO News Article:
“Former Air Chief Describes ‘Flying Saucer’ ”

4 January 1958
(The Canberra Times, ACT, Australia)

Source: Trove (National Library of Australia, Canberra, ACT, Australia)

The whole article:
“Air Marshal Sir George Jones, Chief of the Air Staff from 1942 to 1952, to-day told how he had seen a strange object in the sky less than three months ago.

Sir George, who was in the Air Force for 35 years, said he had seen a shadowy object like a transparent balloon with a brilliant white light at the bottom on the evening of October 16 [1957].

It travelled overhead silently about the speed of a Sabre jet plane.

His wife, Lady Jones saw it first and pointed it out to him at their Mentone home.

Sir George watched it for about four or five seconds before it disappeared.

Yesterday when Sir George was addressing a group of Rover Scouts at Warburton he was asked if he believed in flying saucers.

He said, ‘Yes, I have seen one, but I’m not going to stick my neck out by saying anything about it.’

Sir George said to-day, ‘Nothing can shake me from my belief in what I saw. But I wish I had had four or five witnesses.

‘I have reported it, but I have been [loath] to talk of it publicly lest people think I was either an incompetent witness or getting a little screwy in the head.’

Sir George said he had done considerable night flying during his 5,000 hours in the air and he knew what normal aircraft and other night phenomena looked like. He had seen a disintegrating meteor and it was not that, nor was it reflected light.

The object came from the south and disappeared north. It appeared to be about 1,000 to 1,500ft. above the earth and its most mysterious feature was its absolute silence, he said.

It looked like a meteorological balloon with a very bright light at the bottom but ‘meteorological balloons don’t float over at 400 m.p.h.,’ he added.”

Wikipedia article: “George Jones (RAAF officer)”:

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Portrait of Air Vice-Marshal Sir George Jones, CBE, DFC,
Chief of the Air Staff, Royal Australian Air Force.
(text by Wikipedia) ( photo)

Satellite photo of Mentone, Victoria, Australia (
( photo)

UFO TV News Report:

(Fox News/ image)