Monday, 21 March 2011

UFO TV News Magazine Report:
“Santiago Yturria un destacado

investigador OVNI en Mexico”
(“Santiago Yturria a leading UFO researcher in Mexico”)
(Unknown Date)

(Tercer Milenio, Mexico)

Tercer Milenio profiles Mexican UFO researcher Santiago Yturria Garza:

Much of Yturria Garza’s UFO research work focuses on the NASA TV coverage of the Space Shuttle missions.

Santiago Yturria Garza,
Mexican UFO Researcher
UFO News Article:
“Researcher says UFOs keeping tabs on nukes”,
21 March 2011 (Inforum, Fargo, North Dakota)

Inforum reports on the UFO research work of Robert L. Hastings:

Robert L. Hastings,
U.S. UFO Author,
Lecturer & Researcher
( image)