Wednesday, 18 August 2010

UFO Documentary Film Excerpt:
U.S. Military UFO Witness:
Major Thomas H. Hanley, U.S. Air Force (Ret.)

(The History Channel)

Major Thomas H. Hanley (Navigator, Radar Surveillance Specialist) talks about the UFO he sighted during a mission over the U.S. on 17 July 1957:

The UFO followed the U.S. Air Force Boeing Stratojet RB-47 reconnaissance jet from Mississippi, through Louisiana and Texas and into Oklahoma. The UFO incident lasted for more than one hour.

Major Thomas H. Hanley (centre)
UFO Radio Interview:
Leslie Kean, 16 August 2010 (Coast to Coast AM)

Host George Knapp and U.S. investigative journalist Leslie Kean talk about her new UFO book, “UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go On the Record”: (9 parts)

Leslie Kean, U.S. Investigative Journalist, Director of Investigations of the Coalition for Freedom of Information (CFi), UFO Author & Researcher ( photo)
UFO News Article:
“ ‘Saucers’ From The World Beyond,

Two Miami Pilots Tell Authorities”,
16 July 1952 (Miami Daily News, Florida)

Two Miami airline pilots, William B. Nash and William H. Fortenberry (Pan American World Airways), sighted 8 UFOs over the Chesapeake Bay, east of Washington, D.C., on 14 July 1952, according to the Miami Daily News:,376267

The pilots were questioned at length by special U.S. Military officers and civilian authorities.

Quote from the article:
“And the two pilots were pledged to secrecy insofar as the military’s interest in the matter was concerned.”

UFO Casebook article:
“The 1952 Nash-Fortenberry Sighting”:

William H. Fortenberry (left) and William B. Nash
( image)