Wednesday, 11 September 2019

UFO News Articles Archive:
“Australian (NSW) UFO Related Newspapers’ Articles (1962 to 2011) as Searchable pdf Documents”

(UFO Research (NSW) Incorporated, Sydney, Australia)

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UFO Video Interview:
“Disclosure and the AATIP Program | Nick Pope”

Published: 24 April 2019
(UFO HUB (YouTube channel), U.S.A.)

The Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program was run by Luis Elizondo on the fifth floor of the Pentagon’s C Ring.

Elizondo ran AATIP from 2010 (according to Elizondo’s own words in the following video: AATIP lasted from 2007 to 2012. After 2012, Elizondo oversaw UFO work for five more years before resigning from the U.S. Department of Defense in October 2017. Elizondo is now the Director of Global Security & Special Programs for the To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science.

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Nick Pope, the UK MoD’s UFO Desk Officer (1991-1994),
UFO Author, Lecturer & Researcher
(UFO HUB/ image)

UFO Article:
“U.S. Navy Releases Dates of Three Officially
Acknowledged Encounters with ‘Phenomena’ ”

By John Greenewald, Jr., 11 September 2019
(The Black Vault, Castaic, California)

The article focuses on the U.S. Navy’s FLIR1, Gimbal and GoFast UFO videos.

The FLIR1 video was recorded on 14 November 2004 and the Gimbal and GoFast videos were recorded on 21 January 2015.

The text about the UFO videos is based on an interview with Joseph Gradisher, official spokesman for the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Information Warfare.

The November 2004 USS Nimitz Carrier Strike Group 11 UFO incidents occurred about a hundred miles south west of San Diego,California. The main UFO incident occurred on 14 November 2004 (David Fravor and Jim Slaight).

It was not Fravor who filmed the Tic Tac UFO. The UFO was filmed a while after Fravor’s incident.

David Fravor, who chased the UFO (resembled a white Tic Tac), was flying his F/A-18F Super Hornet jet fighter.

Lieutenant Commander (later Commander) Jim Slaight was the pilot of the second F/A-18F Super Hornet jet fighter.

It was the USS Theodore Roosevelt Carrier Strike Group 9 that held exercises approximately 100 miles east (JAX OPAREA), equidistant between Jacksonville, Florida, and Savannah, Georgia, in January 2015.

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Freeze-frame of the Tic Tac (FLIR1) UFO (filmed from a U.S. Navy
F/A-18F Super Hornet jet fighter on 14 November 2004)
(U.S. Department of Defense/ image)

Freeze-frame of the GoFast UFO (filmed by the U.S. Navy on
21 January 2015) (U.S. Department of Defense/ image)