Tuesday, 27 July 2010

UFO Documentary Film Excerpt:
UFO Sightings by British Airline Pilots

This excerpt presents the UFO sightings of British airline captains James Howard (29 June 1954) and Graham Shepherd (22 March1967):

Captain James Howard,

Captain Graham Shepherd,
British Airways

UFO Radio News Report:
UFO Sighting by British Airways Captain in July 1976

(BBC Radio 4)

The UFO was sighted during a flight from Edinburgh, UK to Portugal.

BBC Radio 4 interviews the British Airways captain:


Lisbon Air Traffic Control reported to the captain that they had received a report of a UFO sighting in the area. The captain was asked to confirm the UFO sighting. When the captain looked out the window he saw a large, bright, round UFO which hovered over the sea. The UFO sighting occurred at 29000 feet over southern Portugal at 8:00 p.m. The crew on board another airliner also sighted the UFO, according to the captain.

(flightglobal.com photo)