Sunday, 30 September 2012

UFO Lecture:
Richard Thieme Introduction to Ufology
(Unknown Date)

The lecture was held at the Riviera Hotel & Casino in Las VegasNevada:

Richard Thieme is one of the co-authors of the new book, “UFOs and Government: A Historical Inquiry.”

He taught literature and writing at the University of Illinois, according to

Richard ThiemeU.S. Business Consultant, Author, 
Media Commentator, Speaker & UFO Researcher
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UFO News Article:
“Results Of ‘Saucer’ Hearings Reportedly Kept Secret”
16 October 1957 (United Press International)


The article was presented by The UFO Chronicles on 30 September 2012:

Quote from the article:
“A group (NICAP) which includes a former Central Intelligence chief reported Saturday that congressional committees have conducted super-secret hearings on ‘flying saucers’ but have never made their findings public.”

Wikipedia article: “Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter”:

Roscoe Henry Hillenkoetter, U.S. Navy Vice Admiral (Ret.), former CIA Director & Member of NICAP's board of governors from about 1957 until 1962 (
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UFO Radio Interview:
“Ufology Special”, 
23 September 2012 (Coast To Coast AM)

Host George Knapp interviews Paul Stonehill, Mack Maloney, 
Ed Komarek, Robert Powell and Bill Chalker: (Audio)

“Shows: Ufology Special” (Coast to Coast AM):

Robert Powell, U.S. UFO Researcher
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Saturday, 29 September 2012

UFO Magazine Article:
“For years the Air Force has dismissed them as hoaxes, hallucinations or misidentifications. Now the Air Force’s own scientific consultant on unidentified flying objects declares that many of the sightings cannot be so easily explained.” by Dr. J. Allen Hynek, 17 December 1966
(The Saturday Evening Post (magazine), 
Indianapolis, Indiana)

The article was presented by The UFO Chronicles on 26 September 2012:

Dr. J. Allen Hynek reports on a UFO landing that occurred near a nuclear missile site in North Dakota on 25 August 1966. According to Hynek, a U.S. Air Force “Strike Team” was ordered to intercept the unknown object.

2 UFOs were sighted by U.S. Air Force guards and confirmed by radar.

Dr. J. Allen Hynek, Astronomer, 
the U.S. Air Force's Scientific Consultant 
on UFOs (1948-1969), 
UFO Author, Lecturer & Researcher 
( photo)
UFO Paper:
“NCP-11: Do Nuclear Facilities Attract UFOs?”
by Donald A. Johnson, Ph.D.
(Nuclear Connection Project,

A good percentage of the UFO incidents that have occurred 
over U.S. nuclear facilities have taken place at highly restricted 
U.S. Government research and production facilities, such as 
Los Alamos, Oak Ridge, Hanford AEC and Savannah River AEC, 
Donald A. Johnson informs:

Wikipedia article: “Nuclear power in the United States”:

Wikipedia article (Excerpt): “List of nuclear reactors: 
United States of America”:

Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, New Mexico
( photo) (
UFO News Article:
“Viewers Include Police – UFO Reports Multiply;
Many Sightings Over Toledo Area”,
28 March 1966 (The Blade, Toledo, Ohio)

The article reports on the March 1966 UFO activity over South-Eastern Michigan, North-Western Ohio and Wisconsin:

Quote from the article:
“Later, the Monroe County, Michigan sheriff’s department 
received calls from nearly a dozen persons who said that they 
saw red, white, and green flashing objects over Lake Erie, the 
Enrico Fermi Atomic Power Plant, and other areas near Monroe.”

Toledo, Ohio” (

Monroe, Michigan” (

Wikipedia article: “Enrico Fermi Nuclear Generating Station”:

Aerial view of the Enrico Fermi Nuclear Generating Station, Frenchtown Charter Township, Michigan 
(NRC/ photo)

Friday, 28 September 2012

UFO Technical Report:
“Analysis of Digital Video Aerial Event 
of October 23, 2004 at Osaka Japan
by Richard F. Haines, Chief Scientist and
William Puckett, Research Associate, 
April 2007 (NARCAP, Temecula, California)

The UFO video was recorded approximately 50 kilometres 
(31 miles) south-east of Osaka International Airport (Itami 
Airport), Osaka, Japan at around 5:30 p.m. (5:25 p.m.) by 
Mr. K. Amamiya, according to NARCAP:

23 October 2004 Osaka area, Japan, UFO video:

( image)
UFO Article:
“The Right Stuff! Some thoughts on 
the UFO military panel in Las Vegas
by J. Antonio Huneeus, 28 September 2012
(, Tempe, Arizona)

J. Antonio Huneeus reports on the lecture, “Military UFO Files: Secrets Revealed”:

The lecture was held at the National Atomic Testing Museum in Paradise (Las Vegas), Nevada on 22 September 2012.

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Thursday, 27 September 2012

UFO News Article (Excerpt):
“UFO Sightings Are Taken Seriously”,
31 October 1999 (Times Union, Albany, New York)

The article excerpt reports about UFO incidents that have occurred over Saratoga (Eastern New York State) and Onondaga counties, New York:

A shiny, oval shaped UFO was sighted over Saratoga Lake on 
10 April, and on 6 April 1978, a police officer and his family 
saw a UFO hovering near their home in Baldwinsville, Onondaga 
Countyaccording to the Times Union.

Baldwinsville, New York” (

Interactive county map of New York State (

Satellite photo of Baldwinsville, New York
( photo)
UFO News Article:
“UFOs over New Mexico”, 
23 January 1976 (St. Joseph News-Press, Missouri)

Several cylindrical shaped, unknown objects, some with red, white and blue lights, were photographed over Eastern New Mexico on the morning of 23 January 1976, the St. Joseph News-Press informs:

The same UFOs (or similar UFOs) were also sighted over Eastern New Mexico on both 21 and 22 January 1976.

Quote from the article:
“Johnson (police officer Randy Johnson) said radar at Canon (Cannon) Air Force Base had reported seeing only one blip on its screens during the sightings. He said the air base and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) at Tucumcari, N.M., had ruled out the possibility of weather balloons or aircraft.

Most of the objects seen Thursday night (22 January) and early today were spotted west of Clovis, with a few to the east and north. Similar sightings also were reported at Portales, N.M., and Plainview, Tex.

Johnson said the objects were generally spotted in groups of three in a straight line.”

Clovis, New Mexico” (

Satellite photo of Clovis, New Mexico (
( photo)

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

UFO News Article (Blog):
A muffled bang, but no harm done
by Billy Cox, 26 September 2012
(De Void, Sarasota Herald-Tribune, Florida)

Billy Cox presents a review on the lecture, “Military UFO Files: Secrets Revealed”:

The lecture was held at the National Atomic Testing Museum in Paradise (Las Vegas), Nevada on 22 September 2012.

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UFO News Article:
“UFO military secrets revealed,
but revelations spark more questions”,
25 September 2012 
(Las Vegas Sun, Henderson, Nevada)

The Las Vegas Sun reports on the lecture, “Military UFO Files: Secrets Revealed”:

The lecture was held at the National Atomic Testing Museum in Paradise (Las Vegas), Nevada on 22 September 2012.

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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

UFO News Article:
“Argentines Sight UFO”, 4 November 1973
(The Kansas City Star, Missouri)

On 3 November 1973, six persons in an airbase control tower 
in the city of Bahia Blanca watched a spherical shaped UFO for 
20 minutes, according to the article.

The article is presented in the December 1973 issue (page 14) of Skylook, the official publication of the Mutual UFO Network:

Satellite photo of Bahia Blanca, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina
( photo)
UFO News Article:
“UFO Over Arizona Makes ‘Swishing’ Sound”,
20 October 1973 
(The Arizona Republic, Phoenix, Arizona)

Sergeant Thomas Spilde, a U.S. Army policeman, and another guard sighted an oval shaped UFO with bright, blue lights over Yuma Proving Ground in Arizona on the night of 18 October 1973, The Arizona Republic reports.

The article is presented in the December 1973 issue (page 10) of Skylook, the official publication of the Mutual UFO Network:

Quote from the article:
“Spilde told Yuma County sheriff’s deputies the object was surrounded by bright blue, strobe-type lights. It was much larger than a fighter plane, he said. It moved toward a chemical testing area, hovered a couple of seconds, then headed north and upward at a high rate of speed.”

Website: “U.S. Army Yuma Proving Ground”:

Wikipedia article: “Yuma Proving Ground”:

Aerial view of Laguna Army Air Field 
(Yuma Proving Ground, Arizona
( photo)

Monday, 24 September 2012

UFO News Article:
“2,000 See Bright UFO In Chile”,
26 November 1968 (The Miami News, Florida)

More than 2,000 people watched a UFO for 20 minutes over the town of Caleta Chome, Bio Bio Region, Southern Chile on the night of 25 November 1968, according to the article:

Caleta Chome is situated 2.5 kilometres west of the city of Talcahuano.

Aerial view of Caleta Chome, San Vicente and Talcahuano, Chile
( photo)
UFO Article:
“Remarkable UFO sighting in Northern Chile
by J. Antonio Huneeus, 3 November 2010
(, Tempe, Arizona)

J. Antonio Huneeus reports on a UFO incident that occurred near the port of Tocopilla in the Antofagasta Region on the night of 23/24 September 1971:

The UFO was sighted by dozens of people, including several police officers.

Aerial view of Tocopilla, Chile
( photo)

Sunday, 23 September 2012

UFO Article (Blog):
“ ‘UFOs and Government’ the book discussed
by 2 of its contributors  Robert Powell and me”
by Bill Chalker, 23 September 2012
(The OZ Files, Sydney, Australia)

The Australian UFO researcher Bill Chalker and Robert Powell, 
Director of Research for the Mutual UFO Network, will discuss 
the new book, “UFOs and Government: A Historical Inquiry” on 
Coast to Coast AM (hosted by George Knapp), Bill Chalker informs:

The radio show aired on 23 September 2012 (U.S.).

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UFO Article (Blog):
“New book alert – ‘UFOs and Government.’ ”
by Keith Basterfield, 28 August 2012
(UFOs – scientific research, Campbelltown,
New South Wales, Australia)

Australian UFO researcher Keith Basterfield writes about the new book, “UFOs and Government: A Historical Inquiry”:

Keith Basterfield,
Australian UFO Researcher
( photo)
UFO Article (Blog):
“Valentich – the rest of the file is available”
by Keith Basterfield, 24 August 2012
(UFOs – scientific research, Campbelltown,
New South Wales, Australia)

Keith Basterfield reports on the 23 folios (pertaining to the 
21 October 1978 Frederick Valentich case) he recently received 
from the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB):

( image)

Saturday, 22 September 2012

UFO Appears On Defensive Driving Video (U.S.A.)

The unknown object can be seen at 55 seconds into the video:

UFO Magazine Article:
by Edward J. Ruppelt, May 1954 (TRUE)
(Sign Historical Group)

U.S. Air Force Captain Edward J. Ruppelt was the director of Project Blue Book from March 1952 until late 1953:

He was also the director of Project Grudge from late 1951 until 
it became Project Blue Book in March 1952, according to the 
Wikipedia article, “Edward J. Ruppelt.

Wikipedia article: “Edward J. Ruppelt”:

The late Captain Edward J. Ruppelt, U.S. Air Force,
Director of Project Blue Book (1952-1953)
( photo)
UFO Lecture (Summary):
by Dr. James E. McDonald, 13 February 1969,
Washington, D.C. (Sign Historical Group)

The lecture was addressed to participants in the Symposium on Meteorological Observations and Instrumentation:

NOTE: Project 1947 hosts the Sign Historical Group web page.

The late Dr. James E. McDonald,
U.S. Physicist & UFO Researcher
( photo)
Chilean Government UFO Document:
(Comité de Estudios de Fenómenos Aéreos Anómalos,
Dirección General de Aeronáutica Civil, Santiago, Chile)

CEFAA informs about the organisation’s distribution of research information:

English translation:

The Committee for the Study of Aerial Anomalous Phenomena is an official Chilean government organisation.

CEFAA is attached to the General Administration of Civil Aeronautics (DGAC).

( image)