Tuesday, 8 January 2013

UFO Symposium Proceedings:
June 17, 1972 – QuincyIllinois
(Scribd, San Francisco, California)

The theme of the Midwest UFO Network’s conference was 
“UFO’s – A World-Wide Phenomenon”:


(scribd.com image)
UFO Article (Blog):
“Vast Australian UAP newspaper 
clipping collection unveiled”
by Keith Basterfield, 8 January 2013
(UFOs – scientific research, Campbelltown,
New South Wales, Australia)

Keith Basterfield informs about UFO Research (NSW)’s vast collection of newspaper and magazine clippings:

UFO Research (NSW) also presents several issues of UFO Reporter (the group’s quarterly publication) and issues of the group’s newsletter.

Keith Basterfield,
Australian UFO Researcher
(noufors.com photo)