Sunday, 12 December 2010

UFO Book (Preview):
“Flying Saucers Over the White House -

The Inside Story of Captain Edward J. Ruppelt and
His Official U.S. Air Force Investigation of UFOs”
by Colin Bennett

The book is about the UFO research work of Captain Edward J. Ruppelt, head of Project Blue Book (1952-1953):

The current edition was published by Cosimo Books (New York City) in 2010.

The late Captain Edward J. Ruppelt, U.S. Air Force,
Head of Project Blue Book (1952-1953)
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UFO TV News Magazine Report:
“Gordon Cooper - OVNIs y Astronautas”
(“Gordon Cooper - UFOs and Astronauts”),

3 December 2010
(Tercer Milenio, Mexico)

Tercer Milenio reports on the UFO experiences of NASA astronaut Leroy Gordon Cooper, Jr.:

Cooper was an engineer, U.S. Air Force test pilot and NASA astronaut.

The late Colonel Leroy Gordon Cooper, Jr., U.S. Air Force (Ret.)
UFO TV News Magazine Report:
“Militares vs OVNIs - Milton Torres”

(“Military vs UFOs” - Milton Torres”), 
23 November 2010 (Tercer Milenio, Mexico)

This is a TV report on the 1957 Milton Torres UFO incident:

U.S. Air Force fighter pilot (then) Lieutenant Milton John Torres was ordered on a mission to intercept and shoot down a very large UFO over East Anglia, UK, on 20 May 1957. As he locked on his weapons, the UFO took off at an unbelievable speed and disappeared. Torres flew an F-86D Sabre jet fighter.

Major Milton John Torres, U.S. Air Force (Ret.)
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