Saturday, 14 August 2010

UFO News Article:
“Brazilians chase UFOs, lose them near coast”,
23 May 1986 (Deseret News, Salt Lake City, Utah)

Six Brazilian Air Force jet fighters chased more than a dozen UFOs on 19 May 1986, according to the Brazilian Minister of Aeronautics, Brigadier Octávio Júlio Moreira Lima:,3137984

This UFO case is called the “Official Night of the UFOs.”

Brigadier Octávio (not Otávio) Júlio Moreira Lima,
former Brazilian Air Force Minister 
( photo)

Brazilian Air Force Officer interviewed on the Fantastico (Rede Globo) TV programme regarding the 19 May 1986 UFO incident
UFO News Article:
“Filman OVNI en Lules” (“UFO Filmed in Lules”),
14 August 2010, (El Diario 24, Tucuman, Argentina)

An alleged UFO was recently filmed over Lules, Argentina, according to El Diario 24:

The UFO was filmed near the Eliseo Canton Hospital.

The article includes the UFO video.

English translation:

( photo)
UFO News Article:
“Brazil's air force to catalog any UFO sightings,
make all material available to public”,
11 August 2010 (Los Angeles Times, California)

The Los Angeles Times reports on the Brazilian Government (Brazilian Air Force) UFO decree that was published on 10 August 2010:,0,7680862.story

Brazilian Air Force (FAB) Commander Lieutenant-Brigadier
Juniti Saito issued the decree (on 10 August 2010) that effectively
established UFO disclosure in Brazil ( photo)
UFO News Article:
“FAB cria regras para lidar com relato de ovnis”
(“FAB creates rules for dealing with reports of UFOs”),
11 August 2010 (Portal UAI, Belo Horizonte, Brazil)

Portal UAI reports that the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) has drafted rules to deal with sightings of unidentified flying objects:,i=173485/FAB+CRIA+REGRAS+PARA+LIDAR+COM+RELATO+DE+OVNIS.shtml

FAB officers must receive and record information (on a special form) regarding every UFO incident over Brazil. The UFO forms shall then be sent to the Aerospace Defense Command (COMDABRA). COMDABRA will then prepare a document and send it to the National Archives in Rio de Janeiro, according to the decree that was published in the official FAB magazine.

English translation:

The  Coat of Arms of the Brazilian Air Force (FAB)
( image)