Saturday, 27 December 2008

UFO TV News Magazine Report:
The 1996 FAB Tucano UFO Incident, 23 February 1997
(Fantastico, Rede Globo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Fantastico presents a video of the incident: An unknown object seems to knock the Brazilian Air Force Tucano airplane out of the sky during an air show in Santos, Sao Paulo, Brazil on 16 November 1996:

This case is very difficult to explain in a conventional way.

Several videos of other UFOs which were filmed while flying in close proximity to aircraft, are also included in this TV report.

Reginaldo de Athayde,
Brazilian UFO Researcher
UFO Filmed during a NASA Gemini Mission, 1965 or 1966

This film shows a UFO which seems to follow the Gemini spacecraft: