Sunday, 25 March 2018

UFO News Article:

24 October 1974
(The Livingston Republican, Geneseo, New York)


The whole article:
“Police officers chased an unidentified flying object reportedly traveling at high speeds from Geneseo to the Perry-Warsaw Town Line early Monday morning (21 October 1974).

Livingston County sheriff’s deputies Salvatore NiCastro and Jeffrey McDonald first noted the stationary object at 2:15 a.m. while on Route 63 in the vicinity of Fall Brook in Geneseo.

They called a second patrol car to verify what they saw.

Later Geneseo patrolman Rolland Barnhart also saw the object. Deputy David Kline said once the object turned from white to orange. Other officers, however, saw it only as a ball of white light.

According to NiCastro, ‘It remained stationary for a couple of minutes and appeared to be over the town of Leicester, and we started down 20A (heading west) to find it. It increased its speed when we did and decreased its speed when we did.’ ”

Satellite photo of Geneseo, New York (
( photo)