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UFO News Article:
“UFO Scares Hub Girl, 11, ‘Rocked Bed’ ”

25 April 1966
(Boston Herald, Massachusetts)


The whole article:
“An 11-year-old Dorchester girl was terrified by a UFO early Sunday morning (24 April 1966) which she said banged against the house and rocked her bed. Judy Kalnicki of 1284 Dorchester ave., an honor student in the sixth grade at the Mather School, woke up screaming for her mother, Mrs. Jean Kalnicki, who has six other children. Then the youngster sat down and sketched the ‘flying oval.’

The mysterious flying object was spotted twice by the Kalnicki family, and two blackouts of electric power occurred almost simultaneously in the Dorchester area. Police also received calls that UFO’s were spotted off Boston’s Logan Airport, over South Boston and near Waltham’s Waverly sq.

Shortly after 4 a.m. Judy was awakened and saw ‘this thing’ outside her third-floor bedroom window.

‘It was so close I could almost touch it,’ Judy said. ‘It banged against the house as we watched it. I was sitting on my bed, and it rocked the bed back and forth. Then the lights in the house went out.

Judy said the ‘thing’ was oval in shape and ‘about the size of my brother’s car, a 1955 Lincoln.’

‘It had a bubble on top that seemed to be round, with red lights around the edge,’ Judy explained. ‘It seemed to be made partly of silvery gray metal with no doors.

‘I always used to say that there was no such thing as a flying saucer. I thought those people who said they saw them were making it up. Now that I saw one myself I never want to see one again.’

Mrs. Kalnicki said she had spotted the UFO shortly before midnight when it floated across Dorchester ave. and hovered outside her apartment windows.

The mother said it had sort of a transparent bubble top that was illuminated with a yellow light and circular red blinking lights.”

Wikipedia article: “Dorchester, Boston”:,_Boston

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