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UFO News Article:
“Los Alamos Woman Reports
Seeing Flying Pie Plates”

3 August 1952

(Albuquerque Journal, New Mexico)

Source: NICAP.org 

“A Los Alamos housewife says she saw two objects over Los Alamos ‘just as round and shiny as brand new pie plates’ shortly before noon last Tuesday [29 July 1952].

The Air Force said in Washington today an ‘unidentified object’ was observed from the ground at Los Alamos at about noon, that day but that three jet fighters sent to investigate could not find them. 

‘People would say I am crazy or looking for publicity if I let you use my name,’ the housewife said.

She said she saw three jets and saw the objects ahead of one of the planes. 

‘There were two of them, just as round and shiny as brand new pie plates,’ she said. ‘I guess they were six to eight miles ahead of the jets, moving along together with a little space between them. There was no smoke nor vapor behind them, so they seemed to hover or float compared with the jet, which I could see was moving rapidly because of the vapor trail behind it.

‘The only way I can describe them is to say they were perfectly round disks. They looked just as a pie plate would look if you held it in front of you above your eye-level and moved it across. They were edge-on but so high I could see the round shape as well as the side edge. The disks were thicker in the middle than around the outside and were much bigger than the jet plane.

‘The saucers moved clear across the sky towards the southeast with the jet after them in about three minutes. Then in the bat of an eye they seemed to get smaller and all of a sudden went up and disappeared. The jet went up, too, when it got to the same place and looked around, for quite a while before it gave up and went toward Albuquerque.’ ”


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Satellite photo of Los Alamos, New Mexico (tageo.com)

(Photo: tageo.com)