Monday, 15 October 2012

UFO Magazine Interview (Excerpt): 
Leopoldo Zambrano Enriquez
(Revista UFO, Campo Grande, Brazil)

The UFO researcher Leopoldo Zambrano Enriquez is a member of Revista UFO’s Image Analysis Team:

English translation:

Leopoldo Zambrano Enriquez, Mexican Systems Analyst,
Graphic Designer & UFO Researcher
( photo)
UFO News Article & TV News Report:
“Some insist glowing lights are UFO video”,
20 September 2012 (WCTI ABC NewsChannel 12 HD, 
New Bern, North Carolina)

The UFO incidents occurred over Otway, near Beaufort in Carteret County, North Carolina on the nights of 18 and 19 September 2012:

( freeze-frame)
UFO Website:
“Best UFO Resources”

The website is run by the Greek citizen, Dimitris Hatzopoulos:

( image)
UFO TV Show: 
“Evidencia OVNI: Los Vigilantes del Cielo”
(“UFO Evidence: The Sky Watchers”)
(Unknown Date) (Canela TV, Guayaquil, Ecuador)

This TV programme (produced and hosted by Ecuadorian UFO researcher Jaime Rodriguez) reports on the Mexican sky watchers (videographers):

Jaime Rodriguez, Ecuadorian TV Producer/ Host & 
UFO Researcher