Monday, 29 April 2013

UFO News Article:
“Along The Indian River – Taking A Look At UFOs”,
17 April 1966 
(Daytona Beach Sunday News-Journal, Florida)

The article contains a report about two 7 April 1966 Florida UFO incidents (in South Daytona and near New Smyrna Beach):

Quote from the article:
“Mrs. Harthula Teemer, New Smyrna Beach, saw ‘big, red ball of fire’ which seemed to be motionless. She said it moved slightly, then ‘became a bright white light.’ Three passengers in her car watched the object with her while they drove from Port Orange to New Smyrna Beach.

About 30 minutes later, Mrs. Margaret Parker, South Daytona, said an object flashed within 15 feet of her car and ‘tried’ to run her off the road.”

“South Daytona, Florida” (

Map of Volusia County, Florida
highlighting South Daytona ( image)
UFO News Article:
“The UFO sighting that 
convinced a Government minister”,
27 May 2012 (The Daily Telegraph, London, UK)

The Daily Telegraph reports on Royal Air Force Flight Sergeant Roland Hughes’ 30 July 1952 UFO encounter over West Germany:

Flight Sergeant Roland Hughes, Royal Air Force
( image)