Tuesday, 10 August 2010

UFO News Articles:
“UFO Sightings by Police Officers”
(NOUFORS, Sudbury, Canada)

Northern Ontario UFO Research & Study (NOUFORS) presents UFO sighting reports made by Police Officers:

NOUFORS website:


(noufors.com image)
UFO Documentary Film Excerpt:
“The Flying Saucer Mystery” (U.S.A., 1950)

The documentary excerpt features U.S. UFO researcher Donald Edward Keyhoe:


The late Major Donald Edward Keyhoe, U.S. Marine Corps,
NICAP Director, UFO Author & Researcher
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UFO Paper:
“Effects of UFOs Upon People”

by James McCampbell (UFO Casebook, Belton, Texas)

UFO paper regarding the physical effects UFOs have upon people during close encounters:


Under the heading “TASTE”, one can find a report on a UFO incident that occurred in the Ocala National Forest, Florida on
14 December 1975.

The late James M. McCampbell,
U.S. Physicist, Entrepreneur,
UFO Author & Researcher
(UFO Evidence.org photo)