Saturday, 13 October 2018

UFO News Article:
“A Moment In (Recent) History:
Chet Grusinski: witness confirms
UFO sighting aboard USS FDR, 1958”

26 December 2000
(Broad Top Bulletin, Saxton, Pennsylvania)

Sources: U.F.O. Newsclipping Service, Seattle, Washington and

The first part of the article reports on two USS Franklin D. Roosevelt UFO incidents. The witnesses were Chester Grusinski (in 1958) and Harry A. Jordan (off the coast of Sardinia, Italy, in 1963).

Quote from the article:
Jordan on the FDR

From 1961 through December 1965 Jordan served US Navy aboard the destroyer escort USS Laffey, destroyer USS Loeser, and aircraft carrier USS Franklin D. Roosevelt CVA-42. He served in the operations intelligence division on all three ships, to display, analyze, report and record radar, radio and electronic emission data. For this he received extensive training at the Naval Station, Newport, RI.”

Wikipedia article: “USS Franklin D. Roosevelt (CV-42)”:

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UFO News Article:
“Did the US Air Force cover up UFO sightings
in Project Blue Book? New TV show tells story”

11 October 2018
(Yahoo!, Sunnyvale, California)

The article reports on History’s new TV docudrama series, Project Blue Book.

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