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UFO News Article:
“Officials growing weary of sightings”,
12 March 1989 (Gadsden Times, Alabama)

The Gadsden Times reports on the early 1989 North-Eastern Alabama UFO flap:,1393695 (Page A1),1414760 (Page A6)

The UFO sightings were made in Marshall, DeKalb and Etowah Counties.

The article contains a map of the areas where UFO sightings were reported.

I’ve reported earlier about this UFO flap (search: Alabama).

County map of Alabama
( image)
UFO News Article:
“They’re Back”, 23 May 1986
(The Press-Courier, Oxnard, California)

Several people, including a California Highway Patrol officer, sighted a UFO over the hills of Sonoma County, California on
22 May 1986, The Press-Courier reports:,2651463

The article starts on page 1.

Map of Sonoma County, California
( image)
UFO News Article:
“ ‘Flying Saucer’ Season Here Again;
Seen in Many Places”,
14 March 1950 (The Bend Bulletin, Oregon)

The Bend Bulletin reports on UFO sightings over Mexico, New Mexico and Colorado:,6113386

Quote from the article:
“Two southern Colorado businessmen said today that they were chased by a strange flying object while returning last week from a trip to New Mexico.

They said they were returning from Bloomfield, N.M., one night last week when the object began following their car. Both refused to call it a ‘flying saucer.’

‘But it was too fast for a bird, and too small for an airplane,’ Tanner said.”

The article continues on page 15 (Google News).

Bloomfield, New Mexico is situated 21 kilometres (13 miles) east of Farmington.

NOTE: The newspaper date is 14 March 1950.

Map of New Mexico (new-mexico-map)
( image)