Friday, 9 September 2011

UFO Mailing List Post:
“More Canadian Sightings” by Chris A. Rutkowski,
9 September 2011 (UFO UpDates, Toronto, Canada)

Canadian UFO researcher Chris A. Rutkowski presents several UFO case reports on his blog, Ufology Research:

Chris A. Rutkowski,
Canadian Astronomer,
UFO Author, Lecturer & Researcher
( photo)
UFO Video Interview:
“Richard M. Dolan: How to Prepare for ET Disclosure”,
27 February 2011 (Caretakers Of Earth)

Caretakers Of Earth interviewed Richard M. Dolan at the 2011 International UFO Congress, Fort McDowell Resort & Casino, Fountain Hills, Arizona:

Richard M. Dolan,
U.S. Historian, UFO Author,
Lecturer and Researcher