Tuesday, 30 January 2018

UFO News Article:
“– Norsk og britisk marine hadde
UFO-kontakt under vinterøvelse”
(“– Norwegian and British navy had
UFO contact during winter exercise”)

3 March 2011
(TV 2, Bergen, Norway)

TV 2 reports on the UFO incident that occurred during a NATO naval exercise off the coast of Northern Norway between either 
26 October to 6 November 1998 or 8 February to 3 March 1999.

The UFO was tracked on radar by a Royal Norwegian Navy ship, whose sailors were discussing it on their communications network.

Sailors on board HMS Manchester and other Royal Navy ships also sighted the UFO.

The late Lord Hill-Norton (Admiral of the Fleet and former Chief of the Defence Staff) investigated this UFO incident.

His investigations found that HMS Manchester’s ship’s log from 
1 February 1999 to 13 February 1999 was missing.

“An unusually heavy wind had blown the log overboard while the ship was in port in Bodø,” William Bach, the then UK Minister of State for Defence Procurement, wrote in a letter to Lord Hill-Norton!

I also reported about this article on 3 March 2011.

English translation:

The logo of the Royal Navy
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The Coat of Arms of the Royal Norwegian Navy
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