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UFO News Article:
“Chile Naval Officer Saw Flying Saucer”

24 February 1950
(The Capital Journal, Salem, Oregon)

The whole article:
“A Chilean naval officer said today that a group of Antarctic explorers under his command obtained photographs of flying saucers at the Chilean Antarctic base of Arthur [Arturo] Prat.

Commander Augusto Vars Orrego, head of the base, said on several occasions during the bright Antarctic night he and his men saw flying saucers one above the other turning at tremendous speeds.

‘Don’t think that this was an optical illusion,’ he said. ‘We have corroboration of what we saw from photographs taken of the phenomena.’

Orrego added that the pictures were the property of the Chilean navy.”

Wikipedia article: “Captain Arturo Prat Base”:

Captain Arturo Prat Base is a Chilean Antarctic research station located at Iquique Cove, Greenwich Island in the South Shetland Islands, Antarctica.

Opened February 6, 1947 by the First Chilean Antarctic Expedition, it is the oldest Chilean Antarctic station. Until March 1, 2006, it was a base of the Chilean Navy, on which date it was handed over to the regional government of Magallanes and Antártica Chilena Region. Until February 2004, it had been a permanent base. Afterwards, it had served as a summer base for ionospheric and meteorologic research. There have been plans to reopen the station for permanent occupation starting March 2008. The base is named for Captain Arturo Prat, a Chilean naval officer.”

The source also presents the below article.

UFO news article:
“GUIDED MISSILE EXPERT – Navy Commander Describes Flying Saucer ‘Space Ships’ ”

24 February 1950
(The Capital Journal, Salem, Oregon)

The article presents UFO statements by U.S. Navy Commander Robert B. McLaughlin.

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Arturo Prat Base from English Strait, with Rousseau Peak and
Fuerza Aérea Glacier in the background (text by Wikipedia)
( ( photo)