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UFO TV News Report:

Published: 8 April 2019
(Red Uno de Bolivia, La Paz, Bolivia)

Source: RED UNO DE BOLIVIA (YouTube channel)

Red Uno reports on the UFO incidents that recently have occurred in Guarayos Province, Santa Cruz Department, Bolivia.

The TV report contains UFO videos.

Wikipedia article: “Guarayos Province”:

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(Red Uno de Bolivia/ image)

UFO News Article:
“Objetos voladores en Guarayos,
entre la curiosidad y el escepticismo”
(“Flying objects in Guarayos,
between curiosity and scepticism”)

6 April 2019
(El Deber, Sata Cruz del la Sierra, Bolivia)

The article reports on the UFOs which recently have been sighted over the farm of Freddy Rodríguez near Ascensión de Guarayos, Bolivia.

Rodríguez said a shotgun was fired at one of the unknown objects. The bullet had no effect on the object – but the UFO ascended into the air after the shot had been fired.

The UFO testimony of Rodríguez has been corroborated by several of his workers, according to the article.

English translation (by Google Translate):

Wikipedia article: “Ascensión de Guarayos”:

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Satellite photo of Ascensión de Guarayos, Bolivia (
( photo)