Sunday, 7 June 2009

Google Earth UFO:
UFO Photographed West of Area 51, Nevada, 18 April 2006

The Google Earth UFO was photographed 59 kilometres (37 miles) west of Area 51. This area also seems to be a U.S. Military test area, which likely is connected with the operations at Area 51. The UFO is circular shaped and one can clearly see the shadow of the unknown object. The UFO seems to be very large. And the Google Earth ruler shows the object's correct size, since the object is positioned very close to the ground (based on the position of the shadow).

You'll find the unknown object at these coordinates:
37°18'20.00"N 116°28'21.00"W

hotwheelz, the UFO photo source, suggests that the UFO which can be found at the above coordinates perhaps may be a U.S. Military ‘UFO’ performing a test flight. I find this extremely unlikely, since several U.S. government agencies work closely with Google Earth on this virtual globe project. The U.S. government knows when and where the satellites take the photographs. And no government would reveal a new revolutionary aircraft to the whole world during a test flight:

The UFO looks almost identical to the Google Earth UFO (photographed on 2 December 2006) I reported about on 2 April 2009. The distance between the 2 photographed UFOs is 39 kilometres (24 miles).

You'll find the Area 51 (Nevada atomic bomb test site) UFO at these coordinates: 37°11'55.70"N 116°3'20.00"W