Friday, 22 February 2013

UFO Case Report:
“Radar visual aircraft UFO encounter near
Hanford nuclear plant, December 10, 1952”

The report contains a link to the 1952 Air Intelligence report 

Quote from the report:
“On December 10, 1952, at 19:20, the pilot and radar observer of 
a patrolling F-94 from Moses AFB spotted a light over Hanford’s 
Atomic Energy Commissions nuclear plant, near Richland
Washington, while flying at 26,000 feet.”

Map of the Hanford Site, Washington State
( image)
UFO Article:
“UFO Sighting Over Nuclear Reactor –
Hanford, Washington, July 1945”

This is an article about U.S. Navy fighter pilot Rolan D. Powell’s UFO sighting:

Wikipedia article: “Hanford Site”:

Aerial view of the Hanford Site, Washington State, January 1960
( ( photo)