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Focus On UFO Incidents Involving
UFO Landing/UFO Landing/Physical Traces

Website: National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (

(Landing Trace)

(Landing Traces)

(Physical Trace)

(Physical Traces)



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(Into Earth)

(Into Ground) UFO case report:
“July 13, 1969; Van Horne, IA”:

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The 13 July 1969 Van Horne, Iowa, UFO landing imprint 
(CE2 case – soybean crop)
( photo)

Google Searches:
Focus On UFO Incidents Involving
UFO Landing/UFO Landing/Physical Traces

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(UFO Physical Traces) (Videos)

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( photo)

A delegation from the Norwegian Armed Forces investigating the Espevær UFO ring on 22 April 1976 (photo from the newspaper, Bergens Tidende)