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(“Unidentified Flying Objects” “1950”)

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(“Flying Object” “1950”)

(“Flying Objects” “1950”)

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(“Flying Saucers” “1950”)
“Air Guard Members Wary Of Identifying
Strange Object Over Key Field”

14 April 1950
(The Clarion-Ledger, Jackson, Mississippi)


The whole article:
“Not that they were afraid of being criticized or disbelieved, but members of the 153rd Fighter Squadron Thursday would neither confirm nor deny the identity of flying object sighted at 8:25 Wednesday night [12 April 1950] over Key Field as a flying saucer. However, several pilots confirmed sighting an unidentified object ‘of extreme speed’ identified only by a white flickering light, not a normal aircraft light, as it raced south-southeastward.

The object ‘definitely out of propeller type aircraft classification’ due to its speed, was seen but 15 seconds during its flight near Key Field.

Several F-47 Air National Guard fighter planes were in the air and were radioed to proceed toward the southeast quadrant to get a view of the lighted but otherwise unidentified flying object. These planes were in the area within 30 seconds, but failed to sight the intruder the object was at an estimated 2,500 feet altitude. The light followed a straight course, bearing southward and slightly east on a horizontal plane, indicating it was a piloted or controlled object rather than a meteor.

‘It was definitely not propeller driven due to the speed,’ veteran pilots observed. ‘It could have been a jet plane but there were no regular red and green running lights and the flickering light streak was unexplained. Also jets generally fly at a much higher altitude.”

NOTE: Key Field was a Strategic Air Command (SAC) base, according to

Wikimedia article: “Meridian Regional Airport” [Key Field]:

Quote from the Wikipedia article:
Meridian Regional Airport[1] (IATA: MEI[3], ICAO: KMEI, FAA LID: MEI) is a public use airport located at Key Field,[2] a joint use public/military airfield. It is located 3 nautical miles (5.6 km; 3.5 mi) southwest of Meridian, a city in Lauderdale County, Mississippi, United States.[2] The airport is owned by the Meridian Airport Authority.[2] At 10,003 feet (3,049 m), Key Field is home to the longest public use runway in Mississippi.[4] It is mostly used for general aviation and military traffic, but is also served by one commercial airline with scheduled passenger service subsidized by the Essential Air Service program.

Air National Guard use

Key Field is home to the Mississippi Air National Guard's 186th Air Refueling Wing (186 ARW), at the Air National Guard enclave, Key Field Air National Guard Base. Operationally gained by the Air Mobility Command (AMC), the 186 ARW operates a fleet of KC-135R Stratotanker aerial refueling and cargo aircraft.[4]

Key Field is also home to the Mississippi Army National Guard's 111th Army Aviation Support Facility, Company B. The 111th operates a fleet of CH-47 Chinook helicopters, a multipurpose transport/cargo helicopter capable of carrying 55 troops and gear or can also sling-load up to 25,000 pounds.[4]

Navy T-45 Goshawk aircraft from nearby NAS Meridian and Air Force T-6A, T-1A and T-38C aircraft from Columbus AFB also frequently practice approaches and other procedures over Key Field.

Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF) capabilities are provided by the Air National Guard. Due to their mission as an air refueling wing, the ANG ARFF assets provide the entire airport with firefighting capabilities that will rival any airport in the Southeastern United States.”

Aerial image of Meridian Regional Airport, Mississippi
(text by Wikipedia) ( ( image)

Satellite photo of Meridian, Mississippi (
( photo)

UFO Case Directory (RADCAT):
“Military Radar At Knoxville
Tracks Eleven Objects
October 12, 1950
Knoxville, Tennessee”


The whole UFO case report:
Bruce Maccabee:
October 12, 1950; Knoxville, Tennessee (BBU)
11:25 PM. A military radar unit at Knoxville Airport suddenly detected 11, ‘and possibly more,’ unidentified targets moving over the restricted flight zone at Oak Ridge. This time action was taken. At 11:30, the radar station commander scrambled an F-82 fighter. It was in the air nine minutes later. The fighter was vectored toward two targets and, according to the radar, closed with the targets, but the pilot saw nothing. Ground observations also failed to detect anything in the sky. No unusual objects were seen visually or on radar for the next two days. Then the ‘dam broke.’ On October 15, at 3:25 PM, three Oak Ridge security guards and a caretaker saw an exceedingly strange object. (See Oct 15 below)

Fran Ridge:
See actual FBI document below, cleaned up by Jean Waskiewicz. For a chronological list of events surrounding Oak Ridge in 1950, see Oak Ridge Page below.” presents U.S. government (Project Blue Book, U.S. Air Force) documents that pertain to the UFO case.

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