Sunday, 3 August 2008

British Panavia Tornado Jet Fighter Shadowed by Possible UFO over Iraq, Unknown Date, Daytime

This is the sixth (!) “Jet Fighter versus UFO(s)” video and/or article on this blog. And, that’s only from real TV broadcast footage!

This video that shows a British Tornado jet fighter being shadowed by a UFO is something else and almost on a par with the BBC UFO footage video posted previously!!! The UFO looks to be triangular shaped. One thing I noticed was that several times when the film "jumps", one can clearly see that the effect is that the jet and the UFO do the same "movement" (the objects don't move, it's the filming jet fighter that moves). As I've heard video experts explain this phenomenon before; this effect supports the fact that this is, with an almost 100% certainty, an object that flies behind the jet fighter. You see this effect best when the clock shows 1:42, below the video.

This video was added on on 22 January 2008. I don’t know when this video was made. This documentary is called, ”Wings over the Gulf”. It’s very highly likely, then, that this footage was made over Iraq during the current war. The film is made by the Military Channel, UK.

To further elaborate on this video, I will mention that this is the third (if you count the BBC jet fighter footage of the two UFOs over Syria/Israel) UFO video from the current Iraq War on this blog. Without saying where the UFOs come from and/or what they are - it certainly looks as if someone or something is interested in what’s going on! And, one thing seems patently clear; if you want to see a UFO up close, become a fighter pilot! But - you should definitely practice the catapult ejection extensively it seems.