Monday, 29 September 2008

Small UFO Sphere Filmed in "The 10 Best Fighter Jets" (Discovery Channel), Unknown Date, Daytime

I first posted this story on 9 July 2008. Back then this documentary wasn’t placed on any of the Web’s video sites.

The UFO sphere can be seen flying behind and to the right of the F-22A Raptor (previously F/A-22 Raptor) fighter jet’s canopy.

When the UFO ascents, it must have the ability to fly in two directions at the same time. Namely, forwards and upwards! That's a feat in itself. I can't recall having seen (in documentaries) that type of technology being used in any hardware, which is used by a military, government or civilian organisation on planet Earth.

So, who’s checking out the hardware of the U.S. Air Force in this footage? And - what an unbelievable hardware the Raptor is.

Military Channel (Discovery Communications) video
(the UFO footage can be seen at 1:25 minutes into the video):

I wrote the following on 9 July:

When watching the recording of this documentary I discovered a UFO sphere which flew right above the canopy of an F-22A Raptor in flight. In the footage, the small sphere flies along with the fighter jet for a few seconds, then it moves straight up, stops for a fraction of a second and then continues straight up. The footage seems to have been recorded in the South-Western U.S., judging by the landscape.

This footage looks similar to the footage of the UFO, which seemingly checks out a Concorde airplane during a test flight over the UK.

NOTE: The videos below are only placed here to show how the UFO in the Discovery Channel documentary manoeuvred.


A UFO follows a Concorde airplane during a test flight over England, UK:

This footage would seemingly be easy to corroborate, either by others who have the documentary or by purchasing it directly from the Discovery Channel. Again - the best thing about these real TV UFOs is the fact that a hoax can be ruled out with a 100% certainty!

Lockheed Martin/Boeing F-22A Raptor
( photo)