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UFO News Article:
“Triangular UFO reported seen at Georgia airport”

28 March 1966
(Redlands Daily Facts, California)

Source: NewspaperArchive.com

The whole article:
“An airport control tower operator reported seeing a glowing, oblong object manuvering high in the sky Sunday [27 March 1966]. He said it was tracked on radar.

Six Columbus policemen, and a control tower operator at Ft. Benning, Ga., also said they saw the strange object.

Doyle Palmer, an air traffic control operator at Muscogee County Airport, said he first spotted the greenish white, cigar shaped object at about 5:30 a.m., and that it was tracked on radar at Atlanta for over an hour. He estimated its height at about 5,000 feet.

Palmer said he had first thought the object was a star, ‘but you don’t pick up stars on radar.’ He said he could still see it clearly after the sun came up—when stars normally disappear—but by that time it had shrunk to the size of a pin head and was moving southeast.

Columbus police detective G.H. Ferguson said he spotted the object after hearing radio reports about it. He described the glowing thing as wedge-shaped and said he saw it rising in the air. He reported it was much brighter and moved faster than a star. Ferguson said he observed the object until after 7 a.m.

Don Haddock of radio station WDAK also said he watched a triangle-shaped glowing object in the same area until 7 a.m.

All reports concurred on the location of the object southeast of Columbus over an Army restricted area.

Air Force officials have said the UFO reports in Michigan were caused by marsh gas phenomena. Palmer reported he did not know of any swamps or marshes in the area of Columbus where the strange glowing object was seen.”

My comment:
This radar (the object was tracked for over an hour)/visual UFO case is very interesting, to say the least.

The oblong, triangular (wedge) shaped object which manoeuvred over a U.S. military (Army) restricted area south west of Columbus, Georgia, was sighted by Doyle Palmer, an air traffic controller at Mucogee County Airport, a Fort Benning control tower operator, six police officers and Don Haddock of radio station WDAK.

I also reported about this United Press International (UPI) article on 25 July 2012.

Wikipedia article: “Fort Benning”:

Google Search (Images): “Muscogee County Airport”:

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Fort Benning, near Columbus, Georgia
(Google photo)

Satellite photo of Columbus, Georgia (tageo.com)
(tageo.com photo)

UFO News Article:
SA Man Describes Sighting”

25 September 1975
(The Register, Santa Ana, California)

Source: NewspaperArchive.com

The whole article:
“Since Aug. 10 mysterious unidentified flying objects have been reported at least 17 times in California. The cases are now being investigated by civilian research groups including the Center [for] UFO Studies located in Evanston, Ill.

The most recent UFO incident took place between 12:30 and 12:45 a.m., Sep. 6 [1975], near 5,886-foot Mount Wilson, Calif., teeming with TV transmitter towers, and the home of Hale Observatory, about 15 miles northeast of central Los Angeles.

In the early morning darkness an electrical engineer sighted three bluish-green lights forming a perfect triangle. The engineer, employed at a television station’s Mt. Wilson facility, says the lights always maintained the same alignment relative to each other. He has no explanation for the observed phenomenon.

Reports of other UFO activity in the general area of the engineer’s sighting are being checked by this columnist [David Branch].

A triangular-shaped UFO was also reported less than a month earlier in Northern California near Gilroy. David Dover, a resident of Gilroy, says that on the evening of Wednesday, Aug. 13 [1975], he was hunting with two friends when they saw ‘two bright lights in the sky.’ The witnesses were later able to get a better look at the strange lights and saw ‘a triangular-shaped object, with red and white lights on it.’

But perhaps the most intriguing sighting of an unidentified flying triangle occurred Aug. 18 [1975] in Santa Ana. On that date, Robert M. Hudson, 48, a truck driver who lives on South Arapaho Drive, viewed the most astounding sight of his life. He saw the object from his front yard as it apparently moved from southwest to northeast on a flight path almost over the Santa Ana River.

The following is quoted from his report, written four days after the incident, to the Mutual UFO Network, a large private UFO research agency:

‘I swear the following to be the truth, the whole truth, so help me God.

‘On the evening of Monday, Aug. 18th [1975], at approximately 5:35 p.m., I was out in my front yard, washing down my driveway with the hose, when I heard a strange-sounding aircraft approaching. I mean strange because I haven’t heard an engine or motor like it.

‘It sounded like a Cessna engine only it had a high pitch whining sound or whistling sound with it.

‘And it had a faint trail of vapor or light colored smoke coming from the tail or rear of the craft.

‘The craft was yellowish orange in color, and had a dark green or blue single stripe on each wing tip.

‘It was traveling at a speed of at least 300 miles per hour, and at an altitude of between 500 and 800 feet. I had it in view for at least 30 minutes, till it disappeared into a cloud bank probably over Chapman Ave. or close to it which is about 5 or 6 miles from my house.

‘The craft did not veer off course or hover but did climb as it moved away.

‘Also the craft was very clear lined and no visible motors or contours to hold same.

‘The weather and sky were very clear and there was very good visibility. I called the ‘Santa Ana Register and (local) radio station minutes after seeing it. . .’

Other California UFO sightings during the past two months of strange lights and disc shaped objects have been made in Anaheim, Gilroy, Hollister, N. Hollywood, Orange, Morgan Hill, Stockton, and Vasona.

The object seen at Stockton on Aug. 14 [1975] at 9:35 p.m. was reportedly disc shaped and emitted green smoke.

The mystery disc was seen by two Federal Aviation Administration air traffic controllers on duty at the Stockton FAA tower. (Previous press accounts erroneously reported only one FAA representative had seen the UFO.)

[Unintelligible, possibly David] Long, one of the controller witnesses, said the disc was at about 2,000 feet altitude. As the UFO tilted upward, said controller Long, it emitted a green glowing smoke and flashed red lights.”

My comment:
Vasona is probably Vasona Lake County Park in Los Gatos, California.

Los Gatos “is located in the San Francisco Bay Area at the southwest corner of San Jose in the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains,” according to Wikipedia.

Wikipedia article: “Gilroy, California”:

Wikipedia article: “Santa Ana, California”:

Wikipedia article: “Stockton, California”:

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Mount Wilson, California
(Google photo)

Gilroy, Hollister, Morgan Hill and Stockton, California
(Google photo)

Anaheim, Orange and Santa Ana, California
(Google photo)