Sunday, 30 September 2018

UFO News Article:
“Texans Ready to Host UFOs”

19 October 1973
(The Desert Sun, Palm Springs, California)


Quote from the article:
“Not all of the sightings reported Thursday (18 October 1973) night were explained so easily.

Outside Minneapolis-St. Paul, Patrolman Bradford Roy said he saw a ‘flying pancake triangle’ with red and white lights that darted through the sky in silence.

More than 50 residents in the Florida panhandle reported UFOs, some flying in formation. Clinton Chiles and Toby Howell of Mary Esther, Fla., told police they were trout fishing when they spotted an object 1,000 feet above the water. ‘It lit up the entire area and made no noise and slowly moved out to sea,’ they said.

Hundreds of Ohio residents flooded police and sheriffs' switchboards with frightened calls of very bright while lights moving through the sky.”

Satellite photo of Minneapolis, Minnesota (
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UFO News Article:
“Our Own UFO!”

7 August 1965
(The Desert Sun, Palm Springs, California)


The whole article:
“A strange flying object was viewed here Thursday (5 August 1965) night by a sharp - eyed operator of a Palm Springs Aerial Tramway cable car during the 8:30 p.m. run to the mountain station.

‘I always before thought there was a logical reason for these things,’ said Wilson Booth, who reported the incident almost hesitantly.

‘People will probably think I’m one of those nuts, but I even viewed it through my binoculars,’ he added.

He reports that he was at Tower 2, at about the 5.000-foot level, when the object came in from the southeast. As it approached, he could see that it was V-shaped, with a red and white blinking light on either side. It was an open V, he said, moving with the point forward, with the red and white lights on either end of the V’s tails.

The entire object glowed with a vivid white light as if moved closer, then veered off slightly before it would have crossed over the cables.

Booth said he doubted his own eyes at first, then, when the object reappeared over the crest of the hill, he used his binoculars for a closer inspection.

Booth was able to draw a clear sketch of what he and two passengers on the cable car saw. With foresight he took their names as witnesses. They are Tom Pike and Gordon Sparks, both of Lewisville, Ohio.

Booth said he could hear no sound from the object and he could not determine what its motive power might be.”

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