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UFO News Article:
“Top officer backs UFO ‘plot’ claim”

4 September 1995
(The Press and Journal, Aberdeen, UK)

Source: BritishNewspaperArchive.co.uk

The whole article:
“ONE of Britain’s highest-ranking military officers is backing a claim that the Government is concealing evidence of an unidentified flying object.

In a book A Deadly Concealment, to be published next year, author Derek Sheffield tells how on March 30, 1990, four [NATO] air defence radar stations, three in Belgium and one in Germany, tracked a fast-moving triangular craft across Western Europe.

At one stage, it came within six minutes of entering UK airspace, he claims.

Two F-16 fighters from the Belgian Air Force were scrambled to intercept the target but could not keep up with it.

Mr Sheffield says the Ministry of Defence denies any knowledge of the incident despite his claims that British-based tracking stations would automatically have been alerted.

That view is shared by Admiral of the Fleet Lord Hill-Norton, who between 1974 and 1977 was the chairman of [NATO’s] military Committee.

Lord Hill-Norton said: ‘The fact is that, if these European tracking stations detected a UFO, two fighters were sent up to intercept it and it came to be six minutes from British airspace, there is no doubt in my mind that the UK air defence organisation would automatically know about it.’ ”

Wikipedia article: “NATO”:

Quote from the Wikipedia article:
“The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO, /ˈneɪtoʊ/; French: Organisation du traité de l’Atlantique nord, OTAN), also called the North Atlantic Alliance, is an intergovernmental military alliance between 30 North American and European countries. The organization implements the North Atlantic Treaty that was signed on 4 April 1949.[3][4] NATO constitutes a system of collective defence whereby its independent member states agree to mutual defence in response to an attack by any external party. NATO’s Headquarters are located in Evere, Brussels, Belgium, while the headquarters of Allied Command Operations is near Mons, Belgium.”

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The late Admiral of the Fleet Baron (Peter John) Hill-Norton
(in 1962), former Chief of the Defence Staff (CDS) of the
United Kingdom and former Chairman of the NATO Military
Committee (wikimedia.org photo)

Map of Belgium (vidiani.com)
(vidiani.com image)

UFO News Article:
“Belgian Air Force checking out UFOs”

13 July 1990
(Bluefield Daily Telegraph, West Virginia)

Source: NewspaperArchive.com

The whole article:
“This country’s [Air Force] has joined scores of Belgians befuddled by hundreds of UFO sightings across night skies in recent months.

In the latest report, two [Air Force] F-16 jet fighters used their radar screens to track an object that, according to a military official, ‘exceeded the limits of conventional aviation.’

Speaking at a news conference Wednesday, Belgian Air Force Col. Wilfried [De] Brouwer said the UFO dived from about 10,000 to 4,000 feet in two seconds. At the same time, it increased its speed from 600 to 1,100 miles an hour.

De Brouwer said the [Air Force] decided to wait before announcing the sighting in the early hours of March 31 [1990] ‘because we wanted to compare the radar sightings by our pilots with observations from radar stations.’ ”

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Colonel Wilfried De Brouwer, Belgian Air Force, presents anomalous radar readings at a 1990 press conference
(De Brouwer (retired in 1995) later became a Major General)
(youtube.com image)

UFO News Article:
“Belgian military investigates UFO reports”

9 December 1989
(The Item, Sumter, South Carolina)

Source: Google News

The whole article:
“The [Air Force] and police are investigating numerous UFO sightings near the border with the Netherlands and West Germany, officials said Friday.

Since Nov. 29, dozens of people and police officials in the northeastern Liege province said they’ve seen luminous objects in the sky, with some of them describing a flying platform scanning the surface with three huge searchlights, while others talk of dancing lights.

During the same period, air traffic controllers ‘found radar blips on the screens that could not be immediately explained,’ said Defense Ministry spokesman Col. Michel Mandel.

At the time of the sightings there were no authorized low-level flights in the region.

‘We are looking for a rational explanation,’ he said.

Although Mandel cast doubts on several witness accounts, the Belgian Society for the Study of Space Phenomena said Friday it would send members to the German-speaking region in Liege and across the border in the Netherlands and West Germany this weekend.

The society said it had 150 witness accounts, in addition to photo and videotaped material.”

My comment:
The Item reports on the first UFO sightings that were made during the 1989-1990 Belgian UFO wave.

I also reported about this Associated Press article on 26 May 2012.

Wikipedia article: “Belgian Air Component”:

Quote from the Wikipedia article:
“The Belgian Air Component (Dutch: Luchtcomponent, French: Composante air) is the air arm of the Belgian Armed Forces,[2][3] and until January 2002 it was officially known as the Belgian Air Force (Dutch: Belgische Luchtmacht; French: Force aérienne belge). The Belgian military aviation was founded in 1909 and is one of the world's oldest air services.”


The emblem of the Belgian Air Component
(wikimedia.org image)

Map of Belgium (vidiani.com)
(vidiani.com image)