Friday, 2 March 2012

UFO TV News Magazine Report:
“Expediente OVNI” (“UFO File”), 30 October 2011
(Crónicas, Canal 24 Horas, TVE, Madrid, Spain)

Canal 24 Horas presents interviews with UFO researchers, scientists and UFO witnesses:

“Televisión Española” (TVE) is Spain’s state TV broadcaster.

UFO News Article:
“Uproar over UFOs, cattle mutilations –
Curiosity centered on officer”,
11 April 1993 (Gadsden Times, Alabama)

The Gadsden Times reports on the UFO/cattle mutilation research work of Fyffe, North-East Alabama police officer Ted Oliphant:,1357111

The article continues on page 3 (Google News).

Ted Oliphant produced the documentary film, 
UFOs  A Need To Know 
( image)