Tuesday, 16 June 2015

UFO TV Documentary Excerpts:
“Spor I Fjorden” (“Traces In the Fjord”)

NRK, Oslo, Norway

The documentary is about a 1959 UFO incident (large, cylindrical shaped object) and two alleged 1972 UFO incidents which occurred in the Namdalen, Norway area (Namsen and Lyngen Fjords), near the town of Namsos.

The first part (videos No. 1-3) is about the Kjølsøya (island) UFO landing traces (traces found in the Lyngen Fjord, close to land), which were discovered on 11 June 1972. NRK presents an interview with Arve Dahl. The traces were observed by Arve Dahl, his father, Ola Kr. Dahl and his cousin.

Exactly similar UFO landing traces were found at Leirvikholmen (island) (20 imprints), Sundsøya (island), Varpneset and Sundsvatnet (lake) in the same general area.

UFO-Norge investigator Arnulf Løken says in the documentary that, apart from the aforementioned UFO landing sites, UFO landing traces were also found at Våganvika and Hoddøya (island). According to Løken, the 3 traces at Hoddøya were very interesting. They were placed in an equilateral triangle and the distance between the traces was 9 meters. Also at this UFO landing site the traces were equilateral triangles, which were pressed into the clay ground.

The second part (video No. 4) is about the April 1972 Bangsund UFO incident. NRK presents an interview with Andreas Grav. His father also sighted the large, yellow, spherical shaped UFO. The UFO observation lasted twenty seconds.

The documentary contains a photo of the Kjølsøya traces, a map of the alleged UFO landing sites and several images of newspaper articles:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tjzcqZwStKo (4/4)

I also reported about this documentary on 18 May 2009:


Newspaper article with photo of the triangular shaped imprints (Kjølsøya) (each side of the largest triangles measured 1.5 meters)
(youtube.com image)

Arve Dahl at the Kjølsøya UFO landing site
(youtube.com image)

Map of the Namsen Fjord and Lyngen Fjord UFO landing sites
(youtube.com image)

Andreas Grav shows where he sighted the UFO
(youtube.com image)