Saturday, 26 July 2008

NASA TV UFOs: UFOs Filmed from the Shuttle

The video found at the below link is a NASA TV UFO footage compilation.

If you fast-forward the footage, you'll see better why the objects in this footage cannot be explained away as stars or meteors, as is often claimed by NASA officials:
UFO Filmed during Space Shuttle Landing, Daytime

This footage (unknown Space Shuttle mission) comes from Fox News. It shows the Atlantis Space Shuttle during a landing at the Kennedy Space Center (KSC), Cape Canaveral, Florida. The cylindrical-shaped UFO can be seen 6 seconds into the video:
Possible UFO Filmed over Oklahoma during Tornado,
3 May 1999, Daytime

This footage filmed by KWTV 9 News, the CBS affiliate in Oklahoma City, shows a possible, fast-flying UFO.

The cylindrical shaped UFO can be seen 5 seconds into the video:
NASA Apollo 11 Launch UFO, 16 July 1969, 13:32 UTC

Video comment (by the video source): "This clip shows the original Apollo 11 launch sequence as shown on TV. Watch closely starting at the 1:30 mark as a huge, cylindrical, bullet-shaped UFO flies through the frame from right to left. Judging from the relative size, the object appears to be several times the size of the Saturn V rocket. Slow motion of the frames in question are included at the end."

My comment: As mentioned by the video source, this official NASA footage was broadcasted on US and international TV channels live. Therefore, this footage qualifies as a real TV broadcast. The cylindrical-shaped UFO can be seen 1:34 minutes into the video:

Here is another Apollo 11 launch video, which corroborates the first. The UFO can be seen at 7:08 minutes into the video: