Friday, 4 March 2016

U.S. Government UFO Document:
DATE – TIME GROUP: 9 November 65/
LOCATION: New York, New York”

(Project Blue Book, U.S. Air Force, Washington, D.C.)

Source:, Lindon, Utah

The document contains an article (with Manhattan UFO photo) (Pages 5-9) by John J. Robinson called “DID UFO’S CAUSE THE GREAT NORTHEASTERN POWER FAILURE?”

Quote from the document (Page 1):
“Four observers all members of the New Yorker Magazine staff observed what appeared as a round ball type object. Moved very fast. While observers watched the object it disappeared then reappeared then disappeared over the horizon, apparently changed course before going out of sight. This report was given to three other persons before reaching here. Duration, and direction of object omitted.”

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Satellite photo of New York City, New York (
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