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Animal Mutilation Incidents
Involving Helicopter Observations

Time and again, UFO witnesses have reported that a helicopter (or more than one helicopter) was observed at the same time that the UFO incident took place or a short while after the incident had occurred.

Witnesses to animal mutilations have also mentioned that they have observed a helicopter (or helicopters) during the same time frame that the mutilation occurred.

Many of the incidents involve UH-1 (nicknamed “Huey”) helicopters, according to the witnesses. Oftentimes the helicopters are unmarked.

In their book, The UFO Cover-Up, Lawrence A. Fawcett and Barry J. Greenwood theorise that a U.S. government agency monitors/investigates UFO incidents.

They write that the easiest way to monitor UFO activity is to travel in a helicopter to and from UFO incident sites.

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(Black “Helicopter”)

(Black “Helicopters”)

(Unmarked “Helicopter”)

(Unmarked “Helicopters”)

(Helicopter “Over”)

(Helicopter “Above”)

(Helicopter “Near”)

(“Helicopter”  “Mutilation”)

(“Helicopter”  “Mutilations”)

(“Helicopters”  “Mutilation”)

(“Helicopters”  “Mutilations”)

(Helicopter Near “Mutilation”)

(Helicopter Near “Mutilations”)

Wikipedia article: “Bell UH-1 Iroquois”:

U.S. Army Bell UH-1D Iroquois
( photo)

UFO News Article & Video Interview:
“ ‘Something extraordinary happened here’ –
Colonel Charles Halt returns to UFO site in Rendlesham”

Updated: 22 May 2017
(East Anglian Daily Times, Ipswich, UK)

The Rendlesham Forest, UK, UFO incidents occurred on
26 December (reported as 27 December by Charles I. Halt)
and 28 December 1980 (early hours), according to an article (rendlesham-forest-mod-article) by Nick Pope called “Rendlesham Forest - MoD Article.”

The twin bases of RAF Bentwaters and RAF Woodbridge were
joint Royal Air Force-U.S. Air Force bases at the time of the UFO incidents.

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Colonel Charles I. Halt, U.S. Air Force (Ret.)
( image)

Aerial view of RAF Bentwaters, UK
( photo)

Aerial view of RAF Woodbridge, UK
( photo)

Map of RAF Bentwaters, RAF Woodbridge, UK, and the 
December 1980 UFO landing site ( image)