Saturday, 16 May 2009

NASA TV UFOs: Russian ISS Cosmonaut Reports Seeing Unknown Objects, 16 March 2009

In the below video one can hear a conversation between the Mission Control Center, Houston (Johnson Space Center) and a Russian cosmonaut on board the ISS:

The official at the Mission Control Center is apparently translating what the Russian cosmonaut is saying.

We hear the NASA official say, “Any spots or areas … can you see anything … irregular spots? No! Just bright dots on the screen … many bright dots. The white dots are actually … the pixel defect. But do you see anything cloudlike? No! Alright.”

What do the “spots”, “areas”, “irregular spots”, “bright dots” and “cloudlike” descriptions mean?! What is being described?

And “pixel defect” with that budget (the ISS)?!

NASA TV UFOs: More UFOs Filmed during the STS-125 (HST-SM4) Space Shuttle Atlantis Mission

Disk shaped, unknown object, seemingly manoeuvring very close to the Shuttle:

NASA TV zooms in on a large, self-luminous, unknown object:

3 unknown objects, manoeuvring behind the Shuttle:

Unknown object, seemingly descending towards the Earth: