Sunday, 18 December 2011

UFO TV News Report:
“Lost UFO Files”, 8 June 2011
(Today, Nine Network, Willoughby (Sydney), Australia)

This is a TV report on the lost UFO files of the Australian Department of Defence:

( image)
UFO TV Talk Show:
“OVNIs en la Zona Oeste de la Provincia de BS. AS.”
(“UFOs in the Western Zone of the BS. AS. Province”),
2 September 2011
(Animales Sueltos, América TV, La Plata, Argentina)

América TV presents a panel discussion (hosted by Alejandro Fantino) on the 2011 Ituzaingó (Buenos Aires, Argentina) UFO flap:

The talk show includes several UFO videos.

UFO TV Talk Show:
“Crónica Del Fenómeno OVNI”
(“Chronicle Of The UFO Phenomenon”), 2000
(Crónica TV, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Crónica TV presents several alleged UFO videos: