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UFO News Article:
“Giant boomerang among 8 UFOs sighted in N.C.”

13 January 1987
(Sun-Journal, New Bern, North Carolina)


Quote from the article (the part that focuses on the 1986 North Carolina boomerang UFO case) (the whole article will be presented later):
“The boomerang-shaped object as big as two football fields made no sound as it cruised over Alfred and Elizabeth Edwards of Hempstead, but Elizabeth Edwards says it gave her ‘the most terrifying feeling I’ve ever had in my life.’

‘It felt like my body was vibrating, but I think it was fright,’ she said of the experience Jan. 9, 1986. ‘It scared me so bad I cried. It left me with a very uneasy feeling, a very humbling feeling. I did not want to see anything like that again. But three or four days later, I would have given anything to see it again.’

The experience was one of eight apparent UFO sightings reported in North Carolina in 1986 to Lincolnton resident George Fawcett, assistant state director for the Mutual UFO Network.

Fawcett, who investigates and compiles sightings of unidentified flying objects, said the number is about the same as the year before.

‘But these are significant reports. We have electromagnetic interference, animal reactions, multiple witnesses and people who have agreed to use their names,’ he said. ‘This is the best I’ve seen in about two and a half years. They (the witnesses) don’t seem to express the fear of ridicule.’

Elizabeth Edwards, a 53-year-old housewife, said she and her husband, a 52-year-old construction worker, were returning home from dinner in Wilmington at about 7:45 p.m. when they saw lights about 400 feet up in the sky along U.S. 17.

‘It just came over real slow, he estimated about 15 or 20 mph,’ Elizabeth Edwards said. ‘I believe it was the most terrifying feeling I’ve ever had in my life. … I caught myself trying to hide from the lights behind him (Alfred Edwards). I begged him to get back in the car … but it was like he was mesmerized.’

Elizabeth Edwards said she called the Wilmington Airport, which reported there was no plane in the area and that nothing showed on radar. Airport officials suggested she call a UFO study center in Washington state, which contacted Fawcett.

‘I was kind of like other people,’ said Elizabeth Edwards. ‘I did try to keep an open mind, but I still had a little doubt. I thought maybe what they saw could be explained. But not anymore. … Believe you me, they are there, whatever they are.’ ”

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UFO News Article:
“Carrier Boy Reports UFO”

3 March 1967
(Amarillo Globe-Times, Texas)


The whole article:
“Sighting of an unidentified flying object (UFO) which looked like a huge boomerang was reported today by a 16-year-old newspaper carrier boy.

Danny Bruce Perry of 4103 E. 31st spotted the object while he was delivering papers in the 2200 block of Carter [Amarillo, Texas] about 5:30 a.m. today [3 March 1967]. He said it appeared to be between 40 and 80 feet wide.

Young Perry said he heard a noise behind him similar in sound to a dog running along dragging a chain. He turned around and didn’t see anything until he looked upward and saw the boomerang-shaped object.

‘It was light grey in color and sounded similar to a noise produced when you tie a heavy object on one end of a wire and swing it in a circle at a high rate of speed,’ the youth said. He couldn’t estimate the object’s height.

Perry said it was moving west.”

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UFO News Article:
“Houston Area Residents Report Eight UFOs”

23 January 1967
(San Antonio Express, Texas)


The whole article:
“Police received eight reports of unidentified flying objects over Houston [Texas] Saturday night [21 January 1967], including a boomerang – shaped one that crackled like a burning log and a small, fuzzy one which extinguished the red light atop a water tower in Pasadena.

Dr. Lambert Kuntz, a psychologist with the University of Houston counseling and testing department, said he and a neighbour watched the boomerang-shaped from 7 p.m. until fog closed in 90 minutes later.

‘It stopped, it appeared instantly, then retracted,’ he said, adding that it made a sound ‘like a [log] burning–like a log when it’s burning real well.’

Bill H. Osborne of suburban Pasadena, the personnel director for an engineering company, told police that four neighborhood youngsters were frightened by a ‘fuzzy white light’ which settled over a water tower.

When it lifted, he said, the red aircraft clearance light atop the tower was out.

The light’s still out,’ he told police.”

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