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UFO Article:
“¿Ovnis en la base de radares
militares de la Sierra de Aitana?”
(“¿UFOs at the base of military
radars in the Sierra de Aitana?”)

13 May 2008
(, Spain)

The article reports on UFO incidents involving Spanish military personnel.

English translation (by Google Translate):

The emblem of the Spanish Armed Forces
( image)

UFO Article:
“Physicist says some UFOs are
‘supremely advanced technology’ ”

By Alejandro Rojas, 22 July 2013
(, Tempe, Arizona) presents the comments of U.S. astrophysicist Eric W. Davis.

Dr. Eric W. Davis, U.S. Astrophysicist
( image)

UFO Journal Article:

By Gordon Creighton, Vol. 25, No. 3, 1979
(Flying Saucer Review, London, UK)


Gordon Creighton reports on UFO incidents that have occurred near the Bardenas Reales Air-to-Ground Range, Spain.

The Bardenas Reales Air-to-Ground Range is a Spanish Air Force target range. The target range has also been used by the U.S. Air Force.

Wikipedia article: “PolĂ­gono de tiro de las Bardenas”:

English translation (by Google Translate) of the Wikipedia article:
“Shooting range of the Bardenas”:

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A U.S. Air Force General Dynamics F-111 Aardvark photographed over the Bardenas Reales Air-to Ground Range, Spain 
( ( photo)