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UFO News Article:
“In Eastern Pa. –
Housewives join sighters of UFO”

21 March 1973
(Daily News, New Kensington, Pennsylvania)

Sources: UFO Research Committee, Seattle, Washington and

The whole article (Page 7):
“Two housewives have become the latest in a group of local residents to claim they have seen a flying saucer in the area.

Mrs. Sharyn Stemmel, 25, and a neighbour, Mrs. Joyce Zettlemoyer, said they have seen the object at least five times near their homes in Hamburg.

Large numbers of persons in other areas of eastern Pennsylvania, including police officers sent to investigate, have reporting spotting strange flying objects.

Mrs. Stemmel described the object as having a round front with red lights in front and red lights in back and flashing like sequins.

The two women are not the only ones to report an object like it. According to the head of a UFO watchers groups in Western Pennsylvania, the descriptions given by the two women match those given by several other people.

‘There was a sighting last week by a state trooper and at least a dozen others near Stroudsburg,’ said Stan Gordon, director of the Westmoreland County Unidentified Flying Object.

Gordon said his group has received more than 100 reports this year, and State Police officers have confirmed they saw objects.

‘Usually, we can explain away 95 per cent of them but we haven’t been able to explain away those. There’s definitely something out there and it’s not from this planet,’ he added.

He described his group as an independent organization of professionals, engineers and scientists who investigate reports across the state.

Mrs. Stemmel said she was a bit frightened.

‘I think maybe they (the UFO) know I’m eight months pregnant and they want to find out how all that works,’ she said.

She added most of the sightings were made about 3:30 a.m., the latest one Monday morning (19 March 1973). She said she first saw it March 8 while driving near her home with her 3½-year-old son, who spotted it first.”

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UFO News Article:
“UFO seen by Sunbury policemen”

21 March 1973
(Morning Press, Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania)

Sources: UFO Research Committee, Seattle, Washington and

The whole article (Page 8):
“ ‘They’re coming to get even with us,’ a member of the Sunbury City police force said jokingly Tuesday night (20 March 1973) as he confirmed a report that an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) had been sighted in the city.

Police reported that they had received a report early in the evening from a person who told them that an object was flying over the Chestnut Towers apartments, a housing project for the elderly.

Two policemen were dispatched to the scene in a cruiser and confirmed the sighting of a rotating white, red and green flashing object which was hovering over the building.

After watching for several seconds, police said the object just took off straight up in the air and disappeared.”

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