Sunday, 25 January 2009

Two UK Military Gazelle Helicopters and Small UFO
Sphere near Crop Circle, Alton Barnes, UK,
July 1994, Daytime

This is the famous video which was recorded in Alton Barnes, UK in July 1994, where crop circle researchers from many countries were refused access to a crop circle by two UK Military helicopters. Later into the video one sees why the UK Military tried to stop the researchers from reaching the crop circle – when one helicopter can be seen hovering over a small UFO sphere!

According to UK crop circle researcher Colin Andrews, who relates this story in the video, small balls of light have been seen near crop circles on many occasions.

This video proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the UK Military is heavily involved in UFO research:

Longer video report about the same case:

The Swedish Ministry of Defence’s UFO Office
at the Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI)

A segment of the UFO documentary, “UFOs, Lügen & der Kalte Krieg” (“UFOs, Lies & the Cold War”) (Germany), is a report about the UFO Office at the Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI). This agency has an ongoing UFO research collaboration with Clas Svahn, chairman of the Swedish UFO organisation, UFO-Sverige (Sweden). The footage shows a meeting between Karsten Jörud (FOI) and Clas Svahn.

This is an excellent and revealing UFO documentary. It’s one of the best ever!

The segment can be seen 8:07 minutes into the 5th part of the documentary (YouTube) (German narration):

The logo of the Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI) 
( image)
UFO Filmed during Recording of US Western Movie, Unknown Date , Daytime

The UFO can be seen behind the actor, 10:48 minutes into the video: