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UFO Case Directory (RADCAT):
“Airborne Radar Tracks 3,000 MPH Object
March 24, 1952
Near Conception, Calif.”


The whole UFO case report:
Brad Sparks:
March 24, 1952, 60 miles W of Pt. Conception, Calif. (BBU 1077)
8:45 a.m. [p.m.?] B-29 navigator and radar operator tracked unidentified target on airborne radar at about 3,000 mph. (Berliner; Shough)

Dan Wilson:
March 24, 1952, 60 miles west of Point Conception, Calif.
At 8:45 a.m. PST, Lt. Hancock, Radar Observer, and Lt. Cone, Navigator, aboard a B-29 observed on the radar scope a clear and distinct radar return of an object with a calculated speed of 3000 MPH. The radar return was observed for 20-30 seconds. The altitude of the object was of less than 25,000 feet. Both observers were regarded as highly reliable officers.”

Point Conception, California, is situated in the south western part of Santa Barbara County.

Wikipedia article: “Boeing B-29 Superfortress”:

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Point Conception and the Gaviota Coast from the air, looking SW. Lighthouse is visible in blowup (click) at top left center. To left (west) is Government Point, which partly encloses Cojo Bay. The Santa Ynez Mountains extend east (left) towards Santa Barbara. (text by Wikipedia) ( photo)