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UFO News Article:
“Rutledge releases six-year study – 34 UFO
sightings in region called ‘incredible’ by physicist”

6 December 1979
(Enterprise-Courier, Charleston, Missouri)

Sources: U.F.O. Newsclipping Service, Plumerville, Arkansas and

The whole article (Page 2):
“Dr. Harley Rutledge has announced part of the results of a six-year scientific field study of Unidentified Flying Objects he directed while chairing the physics department at Southeast Missouri State University in Cape Girardeau.

During that six-year period, the professor said, he and co-workers had experienced 153 sightings of 174 UFOs. He labelled 34 of the sightings as incredible because the UFOs exhibited physical or behavioral properties beyond known man-made technology.

Rutledge, director of Project Identification, a University-based organization of scientists, engineers, students, and amateur astronomers formed to study UFOs, said that on 32 occasions UFOs seemed to react to him and other Project members. ‘It’s enough to make you think someone is playing a game with us.’

Covering a large area of Southeast Missouri, the field study has extended 30 miles north of St. Louis, 80 miles west of the Mississippi River, and into Illinois.

The Project has logged 26 sightings of 37 UFOs near Piedmont, where the study began in April, 1973; 17 sightings of 19 UFOs near Farmington; and 104 sightings of 117 UFOs near the Mississippi River along a 70 mile stretch from Perryville to Sikeston. But 48 sightings of 50 UFOs were from within or near the city limits of Cape Girardeau itself. ‘Often UFOs have hovered over or near the city,’ Rutledge said.

In once [sic] case a Cape Girardeau girl reported being chased by a small disc flying at treetop level. It temporarily blinded the girl by flashing a bright light down upon her as she reached the door of her home. Two witnesses verified the experience.

Rutledge reports that many of the UFOs were observed in motion and 41 UFOs changed motion by starting, stopping, or changing direction. In some cases hovering lights streaked across the sky in a fraction of a second at low altitude and even under a cloud cover. Rutledge has observed a light make an instantaneous right-angle turn, the light switching off 20 seconds later. ‘If that was an object having mass, that kind of turn is impossible,’ Rutledge emphasized. ‘But I’ve seen a lot of things that looked impossible.’

Of the 174 UFOs observed by Project members, 88 have been mere balls of light. Five were seen to turn on, 47 turn off, while 36 turned on and off. Six different colors have been observed: 50 off-white, 27 amber, 21 white, 7 red, 5 yellow, and two lights were a green color. Five lights changed color.

Seven craft have been observed, including two discs and a bullet-shaped object. One of the discs was observed in daylight by Rutledge from his office at the University. The bullet-shaped object, also observed in daylight, changed color and vanished.

Contrary to popular representations of UFOs on television and in the movies, only three UFOs observed by Rutledge and his crews made sound.

Eighteen sightings occurred in daylight and 18 more at dusk. These 36 sightings constitute nearly one-fourth the Project totals and under conditions where sunlight would have illuminated any craft in the sky.

‘I’m not the only one seeing these things,’ Rutledge pointed out. During the 153 sightings, 622 persons have been present, representing more than 30 Project members and well over a hundred different persons as spectators. That averages about four persons present per sighting. ‘How could any UFO study, or single sighting, be better documented than this?’ he asks.

Rutledge promises that soon he will release more startling results from Project data to the public . ‘In the beginning, we formed this organization to seek the truth and present it to the public,’ Rutledge stated. ‘At first I was reticent to describe some of our incredible experiences for fear of ridicule. We have been careful not to make unsubstantiated claims.’ ”

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