Wednesday, 21 September 2016

UFO News Article:
“Group spot UFO”

22 January 1975
(The Mercury, Renfrew, Canada)

The whole article:
“Several people say they saw an unidentified flying object just west of Renfrew, the Ontario Provincial Police report.

Constable Ron MacDonald answered a call to the Turcotte residence at the intersection of County Road 5 and Highway 132 at about 6:10 p.m.

Mr. and Mrs. Dwayne Turcotte, their family, and neighbors watched the object hovering in the sky. Mrs. Turcotte called the OPP.

Cory LeBlanc who was driving along Highway 132 coming home from work also saw the object. He stopped at the Turcotte residence and watched with the others. The object was southwest of the observers.

Witnessses described the UFO as huge, about the size of a house. It hovered about a mile from the Turcotte farm, its bright white lights forming a triangular pattern on the shining metal-like craft.

It stayed in the same location for about ten minutes, then began to descend towards a wooded area. As it did so, its lights changed to a pale blue color, then as it approached the trees it became a dull red color. A bright object, resembling a star, but just above the UFO, remained at a 45 degree angle to the craft.

When the object landed, it lit up the woods with its bright lights, then the light faded and went out.

Shortly afterwards Constable Ron MacDonald arrived on the scene. He and Cory LeBlanc drove LeBlanc’s truck across the field trying to get closer so that the OPP officer could see the UFO as well.

Mr. LeBlanc said that on a previous night his wife saw the same object, he told her at that time that she was losing her marbles.

Several months ago, a very similar sighting was reported to the Renfrew OPP. A woman called about a UFO near the Valley Hotel, in the Pinnacle Hill area, she asked not to be identified, and the OPP would not give out her name.

A recent story from British Columbia about two RCMP officers sighting a UFO comes to mind. These men are trained observers and insist that they saw a saucer with all the same lights.”,26956293

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