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(“Absorbed”) UFO case report:

By Ted Bloecher

Case 528 -- July 6 (1947), near Palmdale, California: Mrs. Amy Herdliska, housewife living at Four Points in the Palmdale area, reported that she had seen a group of objects twice during the late evening behaving in a most peculiar manner. She reported to Sgt. W. K. Campbell, of the Lancaster County sheriff’s substation that at 10:36 p.m., ‘over the mountains south of Palmdale, I saw what looked like a mama disc, with three to five little baby discs flying around her.

 ‘The little ones would cavort around for awhile, then they'd fly back and seem to fly into the mama disc’s pouch. Anyway, the mama disc absorbed the baby discs,’ she explained. Mrs. Herdliska said that the objects ‘were luminescent and clearly visible,’ and before they had disappeared to the south over the mountains, they were seen ‘separating’ again. She reported that a second flight of the same puzzling objects was made again at 11:17 p.m. (Case 530).

Sgt. Campbell and other deputies made a routine check and said they saw ‘fleets of mackerel-like clouds 15,000 to 20,000 feet in the air.’ They did not see any of the discs reported by Mrs. Herdliska, and they wrote off the report by explaining that she may have seen ‘reflections of Hollywood arc lights’ on the clouds.

The Los Angeles Herald-Express and the Examiner (both on 7/8) briefly refer to a sighting in North Hollywood at approximately the same time – between ten and eleven p.m. Mrs. William A. Becker, of 6240 Sunset Avenue, reported that she had watched ‘six or eight’ discs for an hour from her home. ‘They were darting back and forth, crisscrossing the sky very high,’ she said. ‘They looked all of ten or twelve feet in width – I finally got tired of looking at them and went to bed.’ There is no indication that Mrs. Becker had seen the same kind of phenomenon as Mrs. Herdliska reported, but if Mrs. Herdliska's ‘mama disc and baby discs’ disappeared to the south in the interval between her two sightings, North Hollywood is where they would be seen.”

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