Sunday, 13 October 2013

UFO News Article:
Clarke Sisters Sight ‘UFO’ at Dubuque”

19 August 1965 (The Telegraph-Herald, Dubuque, Iowa and
East Dubuque, Illinois)

Two Clarke College sisters sighted a small cylindrical shaped UFO over Dubuque (Eastern Iowa) on 18 August 1965, at around 11:30 p.m., The Telegraph-Herald reports:

The article also informs about a rash of UFO incidents (police officers were among the witnesses) that occurred in the south-eastern and western parts of Iowa in early August 1965.

Quote from the article:
“For about five minutes the object was fixed in one position, they said, pointed toward a radio tower near Flora Park.

The rest of the time, the light danced about in the sky, and as it faded away it appeared to dwindle into the west, they reported.

The glow at the end of the object appeared like the pink flame from an acetylene torch, Sister Justa said.

At that time, citizens in the southeast and western parts of the state reported seeing various strange lights in the sky. Most of the reports told of red, green and white lights appearing, then moving away quickly within a few minutes.

Law enforcement officials at Coralville, Ia., near Iowa City (South-Eastern Iowa), and a news photographer at Washington, Ia., about 25 miles south of Iowa City, were among the dozens of citizens who reported sightings.”

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