Sunday, 13 October 2013

UFO News Article:
“Another UFO Sighted Here”

16 December 1968 (The Gadsden Times, Alabama)

A UFO flap occurred in the Gadsden (North-Eastern Alabama) area in December 1968, The Gadsden Times reports:

The UFO incidents were witnessed by police officers and several civilians. One of the police officers sighted 2 cylindrical shaped UFOs.

Quote from the article:
“Another police officer made a sighting late Saturday afternoon.

He reported seeing two cigar-shaped craft, each ‘about the size of a boxcar,’ flying across the sky. They appeared to be made of a shiny metal, like aluminium, he said. He watched them for a few minutes until they disappeared behind a cloud.

The officer said the objects could not possibly have been any type of plane or conventional craft.”

“Gadsden, Alabama” (

Satellite photo of Gadsden, Alabama
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