Saturday, 17 November 2018

UFO News Article:
“The Parajournal: Famous 86-mile UFO chase
in 1966 still defies Air Force ‘explanation’ ”

Updated: 19 October 2018
(The Beaver County Times, Beaver, Pennsylvania)

The article reports on the 17 April 1966 Portage County, Ohio, UFO incident.

Deputy Sheriff Dale F. Spaur, Mounted Deputy Wilbur ‘Barney’ Neff and several other Ohio police officers chased a UFO from Ravenna, Portage County, Ohio, into Pennsylvania before it flew off in the distance. The UFO chase lasted for about thirty minutes.

Hundreds of people reported seeing the shiny, disc shaped UFO, according to the article.

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Ravenna, Ohio, Record-Courier news article, 18 April 1966
( news article)

Deputy Sheriff Dale F. Spaur’s drawing of the UFO
( image)

Satellite photo of Ravenna, Ohio (
( photo)